Harold Vantrease in the REACH foyer
Custodian Honored by TRUCE Staff
Harold Vantrease was honored for National Custodial Worker's Recognition Day 
New Employees
TRUCE Welcomes New Employees
Truce Learning Center is very proud to welcome two new members to the team.  
Stylized letters STOP Cyberbullying
Each student that attends TRUCE will spend time learning about cyberbullying.  
Fixed vs Growth Mindset Chart
Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
"Fixed Mindset” and “Growth Mindset” are terms coined by Carol Dweck to describe beliefs regarding personal qualities such as ability and talent.  
Angry red cartoon face
How to Control Your Anger
Anger can motivate us to right wrongs, stand up for ourselves, and change the world. 
Skyward Logo
Access Your Students Information Online in Skyward
Skyward Family Access is a web-based application that gives parents and guardians online 
Red letters spelling STRESS breaking through a white wall
Helping Your Child Deal with Stress
With today’s hectic lifestyles, more children than ever are experiencing signs of stress.