Back to School Letter

Back to School Letter From Principal Byther
Posted on 08/11/2020
Principal Byther Smiling

Welcome TRUCE Learning Center families:


Welcome to the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. The success of each student is of the upmost importance to each team member at TRUCE Learning Center and we will work with you in any way possible to assure the success of all students.


I am excited to announce our new TRUCE teacher for the school year, Mr. Joey Lukens. Although students will continue to receive remote instruction from teachers at home campuses, Mr. Lukens will be monitoring progress of TRUCE students. He will be reaching out to parents with reports of progress, as well as lack of progress, as well as offering encouragement and support to students and home campus teachers.


Currently, while enrolled at the home campus, students who have a mandatory placement will continue receiving credit for successful days attended upon returning for instruction on campus. Therefore, the current number of days your student needs for completion will not change during the exclusive remote learning period. It is essential that each student maintains the 90% attendance requirement as well as passing grades in order to receive credit for all classes.


An individualized letter was recently sent out explaining the system in place, including the number of days needed to complete the placement assignment. As a reminder, one requirement to complete a TRUCE placement is to be passing in all classes. Thus, if a student does not maintain passing grades while receiving instruction at the home campus, and transfers to TRUCE with a failing grade, it could take even longer to qualify for the TRUCE placement completion. Thus, all members of our partnership play a very essential role in the success of our students.


Together, we can make certain all students have all the tools needed for success. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give me a call at 817-252-2490.


Wanda Byther, Principal