The purpose of TRUCE Learning Center (TLC) is to provide an educational environment for students who violate certain standards of conduct. TLC provides a combination of academics and behavioral intervention strategies to meet the needs of at-risk students.

Criteria for Placement

A student shall be removed from a campus and placed in the TRUCE Learning Center; an Alternative Education Program (AEP) if the student engages in conduct listed under TEC 37.006 and 37.007, or violates the CISD’s Student Code of Conduct. A student may be placed in an AEP up to 120 days depending on the severity of the violation and history of previous violations. A student may be assigned to the AEP beyond the 120 days if it is determined that the student’s presence in the regular classroom/campus presents a danger or harm to the student or to others.

TRUCE Learning Center building exterior

TRUCE Learning Center

1026 Merritt Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76114

Main Office: 817-252-2490
Attendance: 817-252-2491